film biopsy: singham

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Film Biopsy
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  Singham promises to be nothing more than a fultoo action and masala flick. Its a weekend film and a complete surprise coming from Rohit Shetty’s box of goodies. Unlike his previous films, Singham makes somewhat of an impact on the audience – at least for the 2 hours that you’ll spend inside the theater. The same formula as any 90s movie, but with a different and modern look. With a lot of action sequences (some over-the-top) and some cheesy one-liners, this film is a one time watch.

     Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgan) is an honest cop with his own ideals and believes that problems can be solved by talking them out, and he uses violence mostly as a last resort. After a tiff with a local “dada” by the name of Jaykant Shirke (Prakash Raj), Singham gets transferred to Goa where he sees corruption and violence as a daily way of life. His girlfriend (Kajal Agarwal) encourages him to fight and put an end to the practice of police officers bowing down to local gang-lords.  

    Ajay Devgan is pretty convincing in the role of a “marathi manus”…and uses many Marathi words with diction that is close to acceptable. Words like “tujhya aaichya gaavat” definitely hit homeruns. His effort and hardwork on his physique shows and that six-pack is will not go unnoticed. In fact, it is safe to say that Devgan gave quite a tough competition to Salman and it will be difficult to decide which cop you like best. Kajal Agarwal gives justice to her trivial role and at times manages to come across as a very natural actress sparing some scenes which will rank high on the cheesy meter. Prakash Raj plays the “gunda” in the film and plays it with conviction. At times, his lines seem forced and fake but overall, he will make the audience hate him for who he is. Lastly, the real Marathi color of the film is seen because of Ashok Saraf, who plays a sarcastic “hawaldaar” who firmly believes that the system will never change, and that corruption will always remain a way of life. Saraf adds a lot of comic relief to an otherwise tense situation.

     The movie is for the masses, and as mentioned earlier, it is indeed a weekend film. There is nothing that you learn from the movie, and nothing that might inspire the audiences. It is a family entertainer, and it should taken at its face value. Watch it if you are an absolute fan of action films.



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